Our Mission:

To serve our community with honesty and integrity, and to help our clients accomplish their dreams one song at a time.

Our vision:

To offer professional industry standard production quality, that incorporates passion and skill in a clean creative environment.



“We are very excited to be back in our hometown where we will bring the knowledge that we have learned from working professionally in other major music cities and be a fresh resource to our city.”

Carl Lucero is an award winning musician, producer, song writer, and recording engineer who has over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Carl is the owner of The Perfect World LLC Production Company.

Beginning at the age of 3, he along with his mother, brother and sister would travel and provide music for various venues in the city of Pueblo. Throughout his childhood and early adult years, he recorded at many different professional recording studios around the country where he gained valuable experience in these professional environments. It was at this time Carl learned a wealth of knowledge in the process of recording, engineering, songwriting and musicianship. In 1984, as a 17-year-old graduate of Centennial High School, he accepted an offer to move to Waco, Texas to join a national recording band “Revised Edition”. Carl was fortunate to play with musical legends such as Glenn Campbell and many other various recording artists. At the time, Waco was the main hub for WORD Records, a major international-recording label. For the next two years Carl had many great experiences in traveling the country from California to Florida and everywhere in between playing shows in a variety of venues. In 1987, the band dissolved and Carl moved back to Pueblo where he put his own band together who traveled and played regional shows with artists such as The Beach Boys and Temptations. The band recorded a 10-song project “The Perfect World”, which was produced and written by Carl in El Paso, Texas at Adobe Studio, which is a state of the art, professional recording studio that was used by many major international recording artists. By this time, Carl realized he had a major interest and passion for the production process of creating music so he bought recording equipment as well as started his college studies in music. He studied recording and electronic music at CSU Pueblo formerly known as University of Southern Colorado. In 1990, Carl moved to Nashville Tennessee where he furthered his college studies in RIM (Recording Industry Management) at Trevecca University and MTSU- Middle Tennessee State University. At this time Nashville was the hub of major recording labels in the country. From 1990 – 1996, while studying recording at the universities, Carl also worked professionally in the music business for many major record labels as a record producer, session singer, studio musician, songwriter and engineer. 

In 1992, Carl opened his own recording production studio called “The Perfect World” based in Nashville. The studio was used to record demos, productions, as well as provide midi programming, and song writing support for Carl’s musical artists and clients. 

It was a dream come true when Carl received a call and was offered three recording/ writing/ publishing contracts as an artist, songwriter & producer with Word Records, Benson Records and Star Song Records, which were major labels in Nashville. He also had several meetings and interest from many popular record labels such as Columbia Records Atlanta, Warner Bros Nashville, Curb Records Nashville, and Epic Records Nashville. Carl was the mix engineer on “Handel’s Messiah” which won a Grammy for “Best Contemporary Soul Album” in 1992. The project was produced by Quincy Jones and featured many major pop artists such as Stevie Wonder, Pattie Austin, The Yellow Jackets, Al Jarreau and many more. While living in Nashville Carl was privileged to work with some of the world’s greatest artists, musicians and producers such as: Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rap Artist- Baby Bash, Lisa Keith- Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jeff Deyo- Sonic Flood, Sony Tree Publishing Nashville, Star Song Records Nashville, Donnie Mc Clurkin, Richard Smallwood- Handel’s Messiah LP- Produced by Quincy Jones, Terry McMillan, Jeff Slaughter, Angelo & Veronica Petrucci of Benson Records, and Twila Paris, RECESS- Reunion Records, Petra, Bryan Duncan, Leon Patillo, Kim Boyce, Dawn Thomas, song writing collaboration with Cindy Cruse of Lakewood Church (Joel Osteen), David Clydesdale, Rick Riso, Motown Artist Tim Miner, Grammy Award winning Producer Brian Lenox, Nashville Producers Scott McLeod & Trace Scarborough of Ocean Motion Productions, Vince Ebo- Warner Brothers Artist, Ron Kenoly, Barney Johnston, just to name a few.

In 2003, Carl completed his Bachelors of Arts in Music from Colorado State University –Pueblo. He also obtained advanced training in audio engineering/ producing studying with many Grammy Award winning engineers and producers received an Advanced Production Technique for Multichannel Surround Sound Certification, (2004) from Fits & Starts Production LLC.

For the last fifteen years Carl has worked as a musical/ media / audio & lighting director in various facilities in many major cities around the country such as Nashville, Denver, Colorado, Corpus Christi Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles California. His last job was Executive Creative Arts Director at Abundant Living Family Church a (20,000 member) mega church in Rancho Cucamonga California where he and his family resided for the last six years. He was selected and promoted as an executive manager, which Carl was responsible for leading 6 departments of the church. These departments included Audio, Lighting, Band, Choir, Fine Arts and Media. During this time, Carl wrote, produced, engineered as well as was a featured artist on a live CD/DVD recording project for the church titled “New Day”. This project which was recorded live and mixed/ mastered in Los Angeles. The project included many award winning artists, producers, engineers and musicians such as: 

Emmy Award Winning Composer- John Wineglass, Paul Klingberg (Earth Wind & Fire), Robert Miller (Natalie Cole), Doug Jackson (Kenny Loggins/Ambrosia), Gustavo Eraso (Tommy Walker), Stan Lewis (Pattie Labelle, Kendrick Lamar), Jeron Davis (Mariah Carey), Joel Smith, Bridgett Bentley (Broadway’s “The Color Purple), Serg Dimitrijevic (Earth, Wind & Fire), Ken Reynolds (Integrity Records), Jackiem Joyner (Peter White, Kim Stone of Spyro Gyra/The Rippingtons), Frank McComb (PRINCE), Justo Almario, Harry Kim ( American Idol), Walter Rodriguez (YANI), Derico Watson (Victor Wooten, Stanley Clark & Marcus Miller), and many more.

In June of 2011, Carl along with his family, moved back to Pueblo. After 25 years of experience and traveling the country, Carl and his family are excited to be home in Pueblo and look forward to planting roots in their home community. Carl has a passion for the community of Pueblo and is planting roots for this great international vision of The Perfect World LLC.

Carl is currently the Audio Technology and Music Production Instructor at Colorado State University - Pueblo. He’s also the Perfect World Music Academy Director in partnership with Goal Academy High School and is an AVID Certified Instructor for Protools 101 & 110 (for more information click here).

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