RECORDING LABEL & DISTRIBUTION: The Perfect World LLC is always looking for quality artists to sign to their independent recording label and distribute product into major outlets both in retail and internet. Perfect World’s Record Label offers our clients a chance to be creatively and musically developed, produced and packaged by our exceptional team. Our management and legal team will also represent and negotiate our signed clients to mainstream labels and international distributors. 

PUBLISHING: Loose Arrow Music Publishing (LAMP) is another department that offers songwriters a chance to sign their songs to our publishing company to be recorded by other singers, bands and musicians. Carl Lucero (Owner) has a catalog of original songs that are published through LAMP. Loose Arrow Music Publishing is licensed through BMI International. LAMP is also signing songwriters to the publishing company that will support Perfect World’s record label. Our management team will also shop our song catalogue to major artists looking for new material.

ARTIST MANAGEMENT: Our management and legal team works alongside of Perfect World record label and LAMP publishing company to represent and assist our signed artists and see that their best interest is looked after in all aspects of the music business.

PRODUCTION: Perfect World recording studio services and fees are determined on a project by project basis. Typically we estimate the amount of time and resources that will be necessary to complete the project and propose a payment plan that is satisfactory to client. All projects produced by Perfect World require a signed contract identifying the fees, costs, timeline and final deliverables. Carl Lucero, owner has been producing since his first recording project in 1980 at age 13. Carl holds a B.A. in music. He formally studied music production, audio engineering and music business at Trevecca University in Nashville, TN, Middle Tennessee State University and Colorado State University-Pueblo.

CD/DVD DUPLICATION: Some CD/DVD duplication takes place in house and will not have to be shipped out to an outside duplicator. For extremely large orders we have several partnerships to get these jobs completed at a great rate. This makes it more convenient for the client and allows for more quality control over the final product. There is also a contract requirement on all CD/ DVD duplications.

IMAGING, GRAPHIC DESIGN & WEBSITE DESIGN & MANAGEMENT: We have the best Image, Graphic, Website and Photography Design team in Southern Colorado. Our team will take a brand new artist and transform them into a true believable artist with competitive visual and commercial success. We are a complete one stop shop for photography, artwork, logo & website design for the artists product merchandise, apparel and marketing materials.



Perfect World consists of a 2100 sf studio specially acoustically designed by Rains Engineering with custom built rooms from the ground up. We utilize Protools HDX format with a huge plug-in library. The main digital recording console is the incredible Harrison S 12 with 64 mic pres and 714 input channels. We also have a 1974 PM 1000 that has been fully modded into a Neve 1073 by Old World Audio. We have collected many unique pieces of gear over the years from 1940’s vintage tube mic pres to compressors & limiters from the 50’s as well as our modern cutting edge microphone locker. We love vintage and cutting edge equipment like our SSL 502 EQ’s. This versatile arsenal of gear gives us the ability to turn out truly one of a kind sounding productions. Our clientele reach a wide range from major recording artist & labels around the world to local artists that are in development.

We would be honored to work with you. Lets make music together…

Lucero Studio-12.jpg



Lucero Studio-1.jpg


Harrison S12 Custom Digital Sound Console with -Harrison Digital X Router upgrade software & 64 mic pres

NEVE 1073 – Old World Audio 16 channel vintage Analog PM 1000 mixing console

Studio Master vintage analog console

Panasonic DA-7/Ramsa with digital automation & 3 ADAT Digital Cards

Digidesign Command Control

Lucero Studio-30.jpg


Neumann U 87 AI condenser

Stereo pair AKG 414 XL II condenser

1- Rode NTV tube microphone condenser

1- Audio Technica 2035 condenser

Blue Baby Bottle condenser

Cascade fat Head Gomez - Michael Jolly edition Ribbon

AKG C 4500 condenser

AKG C 3000 condenser

Shure SM 7B dynamic

AKG C 1000 condenser

AKG D12 condenser

Audio Technica 871 boundary

6 Shure SM 57 dynamic

4 Shure SM 58 dynamic

Shure Beta SM 57 dynamic

Beyer Dynamic TG – X50 dynamic

Beyer Dynamic M 500 ribbon

Shure PG81 pencil condenser

Audio Technica S15E pencil condenser

Shure prologue 16 pencil condenser

Sennheiser E 835

Samsung QKICK Dynamic

2 EV 308 Dynamic

2 EV 408 Dynamic

Sennheiser 421

Shure beta 52

Inner Tube Audio (TUBE) Neumann

Sennheiser 421 tom microphones x3

Audix D2 x2

Audix D4 x2

CAD Ribbon x2

EV RETRO microphones x2

Shure 520DX “Green Bullet”

Lucero Studio-42.jpg


1991 Fender Stratocaster

2 Epiphone ES200 Jumbo body acoustic

Les Paul

Rock Z Electric

Yamaha Nylon

Vintage Lap Steel Guitar

Martin D28

Martin Custom X Series

Lucero Studio-52.jpg


1962 Fender Jazz

1957 Fender Precision Fretless

Conklin 7 string

Paul McCartney hollow body Hofner H500/HCT

Washburn AB40SH Stu Hamm Acoustic-Electric

Fender P/J 4 string

Tobias 4 String

Lucero Studio-39.jpg


YAMAHA Recording Series Birch shells 22 Kick 8 10 12 14 16

2 Vintage Ludwig Drum kits: Kicks: 22 & 24 Toms 8 10 12 13 14 16 18

2 Quest Love Ludwig jazz kits 16 kick 10 12

Snares: 13 Piccolo, 14 Piccolo brass, 14 x 5 ½ medal, 14 x 5 ½ wood, 14 x 6 ½, 15 x 8 wood and hardware Many more to choose from

Cymbals: Zildjian K 20” china-18” crashes-18”crashes-16” crashes- 14” crashes – 10” splash Zildijan hi-hats /x2 14” New Beat and Pastie 14”

Paiste-2002 Cymbal Pack: 22” ride- 18” crash– 16” crash

Lucero Studio-33.jpg


Vintage Fender tube reverb

Fender Princeton

Fender 1x12”

Fender Rumble 100

Eden 2x10

SWR 800 – 4×10 & 2x10 Goliath cabinets

Marshall ½ stack

Vox vintage 4x10 amp

Lucero Studio-4.jpg


NEVE stereo 1073 mic pre/EQ

GML Massenburg 8200 EQ

GML Massenburg 8900 Compressor


Manley Massive Passive Tube EQ

Tube Tech CL1B

Avalon 737

OLD WORLD AUDIO Akai M8 Tube mic pre x4

Focusrite Liquid Channel

Spectrosonics Limiting Compressor

Effectron jr analog delay

SSL 502 Stereo EQ Racks

TC Electronics


Digitech DSP 128

Lexicon MPX 100

DBX 263X Compressor

Panasonic DAT machine

Lucero Studio-7.jpg


Avantone Mix Cube

Yamaha NS 10M

KRK 8”



JBL LSR6328 sub with room calibration

Lucero Studio-8.jpg


Yamaha Motif ES8

Roland MKS 20 x 2

Roland JV 1080

Roland JV 880

Akai S1000 Sampler

Linn Drum 9000

Native Instruments Maschine Studio


Planet Phat – Orbit

Sequential Circuits keyboard

M-Audio keyboard Controller

Lucero Studio-28.jpg


2 Mac G5 3.7 ghz 12 core

2 Mac G5 2ghz Dual core

Mac G4 x2

2 Mac Book Pro

Lucero Studio-66.jpg


Pro tools HDX

Pro tools TDM HD 3 system

Pro tools (8) Software & PCI cards Digidesign 192 I/O

Pro tools (8) 003 Converter

MOTU Digital performer software

MOTU 2408 MKII x3

MOTU Midi Timepiece x2


Native Instruments Maschine Studio

Reason software

MOTU 324 PCI Card

UAD 1 Plugin Software

UAD Satellite Firewire system

Raxio toast

CD/DVD Labeling software

Apple Final Cut Studio x