Perfect World is a retail equipment and instrument dealer for any brand needed and offers some of the best rates available on the market.

Call us and give us a shot at meeting your needs. Here are some of our partners…


Ableton, Accu-Cable, AKAI, AKG, Alesis, Antares, Aphex, Apogee Sound, Audio-Technica, Audix, Auralex, Avantone, Avid, Aviom, Bag End, BBE, Belden, Bellari, Beyerdynamic, Blue Sky, Bogen, Bogner, Bugera, CAD Audio, Casio, Celestion, Clearsonic, Community, Countryman, Crest, Crown, Da-Lite, DB Technologies, DBX, ddrum, Dean Markley, Denon, DigiTech, DPA, Drawmer, DW, Dynaudio, D`Addario, Gallien-Krueger, Gator, Gefen, Gemini, GHS, Gibraltar, Global Truss, Guardian Cases, Harman Kardon, Hartke, HME, Hohner, Hosa, Hughes & Kettner, Interstate Battery, Jands, JBL, JK Audio, JLCooper, Juice Goose, K&M, K-Array, K-Tek, Kickport, Korg, Kramer, LaCie, Latin Percussion, Lectrosonics, LG Electronics, Line 6, Lock It Straps, LogicKeyboard, Logitech, LR Baggs, Lynx Studio Technology, M-Audio, Mackie, Manley, Marantz Pro, Marshall Electronics, Martin Pro, Microtech Gefell, Middle Atlantic, MIDI Solutions, MOTU, Musitek, MXL, Neutrik, Novation, Numark, On-Stage, OWC, Pacific Drums, Peavey, Pelican Cases, Pioneer, Planet Waves, Premier, PreSonus, Pro-Mark, Pyle Pro, QSC, Radial Engineering, Rane, Rapco, RCF, Renkus-Heinz, RME, Robe, Rocktron, Roland, Rolls, Royer, Samson, Samsung, Sanyo, SE Electronics, Sennheiser, Shure, SKB, Softube, Soundcraft, Switchcraft, Symetrix, Tannoy, Tascam, TC Electronic, Teac, Telex, TOA, Traynor, Turbosound, Ultimate Support, Universal Audio, Vic Firth, Whirlwind, XTA, Yamaha, Yorkville, Zebracase, ZeeVee, Zildjian, Zoom



A/V Installs

AUDIO/VISUAL/LIGHTING & ACOUSTIC INSTALLATIONS: Perfect World designs and installs Audio/Visual/Lighting and Media systems of all shapes and sizes of venues. Our team has years of experience working with all sizes of budgets to get the job designed and installed with industry standards. We plot designs with 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals in mind for our clients to stay relevant for many years to come.




Carl has been involved in both church ministry and concert design for over 25 years and has great knowledge of how these systems are designed and built. He has experienced ministry from the small church staffs to the mega church ministries. He has come along side many leaders to help build, train and structure personnel and systems that will promote and support growth.